Artist Statement
My first declaration written in 2000

My art is my philosophy, my practice, and my spiritual approach to seeing the world - Alive.

The tools of my formal education in architecture, urban planning, and feng shui, have given my imagination insight regarding our physical world. A world shaped by form, texture, color, scent, sound, and function. The dimensional realities of our everyday lives.

My art, in comparison, inhabits a deep inner world. It is an unbounded world of thoughts, symbols, images, and ideas. It is my inner reality.

Imagery, through light and shadow, reveals itself at a point where my worlds of outer and inner knowledge collide. Resulting in a realm between what can be imagined and how it is translated.
Each canvas is an opportunity to consult the inner self. To ponder the juxtaposition of common images and symbols with the subtle nuances of the mind, and interpret the complex musings of an inner being.

It is through the physical emergence of the within that the dimensional reality of our everyday world begins to fade. For within the collision of the two worlds, I begin to understand the complexity of what it means to be human.