London 2003
My time with Brigid Marlin and the Cork Street Gallery Show

I started my trip this year in London. Or more specifically, in Berkhamsted, a rolling hills country community just outside of London, at the home of my gracious host, Brigid Marlin. My first full day in England was Saturday, July 5th. After a good night’s rest and a proper cup of tea, Brigid and her son whisked me off to Cambridge for my first, and only, day of sightseeing. While strolling along the hallowed halls of higher learning, we awed over the architecture while discussing the phenomena of Harry Potter! Considering where we were, we couldn't help ourselves. We talked about other things too! We also visited a formal English garden, attended a traditional Shakespearean drama and enjoyed a lovely dinner. I got the tip top British experience all in one day!

Sunday was my third day in England and the morning started with a bang! Actually, it was the doorbell. Regardless, the van transporting the artwork, from Brigid's house to the gallery in London, showed up in the driveway two hours early! With our eyes barely open, we scrambled to wash, dress, and pack all of the art into the van. Then off we went, hair still wetl, in a van filled with art, to the first in a 4-city world tour for the Society for Art of Imagination. It was so exciting! And, I was a part of it! I'm still reeling from the enormity of it all.

After unpacking all of the artwork Sunday morning. Brigid, Michel, a ton of other artists and myself, preceded to log, number, weigh, hang and light, every single piece of artwork in the show. A daunting task indeed. But, we did it and it looked fabulous! After a full day of hard work and weary to the bone, Brigid and I hopped a train for home and a well deserved sleep.

Monday night was the opening and it was spectacular! Great art, wonderful artists, tons of people, folks in costume, wine flowing, and our very own Baron sporting a traditional Scottish kilt! The show was a smashing success and we ended our night at a quiet Italian restaurant toasting to our shared success.

The rest of the week is sort of a blur. In some order over the next 4 days I: attended a garden luncheon given by Brigid for us foreign artists, interviewed London artists with Olga Spiegel, went to the awards ceremony, checked out several other art openings around London, had lunch with friends, had dinner with friends, got drunk, and then it was Friday and I was leaving for Austria. What a week! After a long week of hanging art, looking at art, talking about art and celebrating art, I was ready to go and make some art! But first I needed a rest.

Unfortunately, while traveling there is no rest only waiting; waiting for my flight, waiting for my baggage, waiting on line for customs, waiting for the bus, and then waiting for the train, which I took and waited another hour and a half before I arrived at my second destination, and home for the next two weeks, Payerbach/Reichenau. Tired, though grateful not to be moving, I waited some more for my ride to arrive at the train station. And I waited. Previous confusing emails about my arrival time and the mysterious workings of my new mobile phone contributed to further waiting. Finally, after a whole hell of a lot of waiting, my hosts and friends, Jurgen and Irena, lovingly greeted me. I spent the weekend with them catching up, hiking in the woods and just relaxing. By Wednesday I was recharged and ready to get into the studio. I moved all my stuff, again, over to the Castle Kuenburg, where I was greeted with open arms by more friends: Gigi, Veronica and Cami. After a happy reunion, I took my supplies over to the studio, set up my pallet and brushes, and met my fellow artists. It was a week and a half I won’t soon forget…